Brown Trout Fishing Charter Traverse City

 Trout Fishing Charter Traverse City

Brown Trout

Brown Trout Fishing Traverse City can be a tough endeavor! There are more Brown Trout in Traverse City than we catch. The Michigan DNR have planted thousands and thousands of Brown Trout for years every spring. The current water clarity in Traverse City allows the human eye being to see bottom in 50 feet of water at times. The Brown Trout have a very keen eyesight, so getting them to bite can be a chore.

In years past we have caught brown trout from the shallows in 15 feet of water using stealth techniques with planer boards, to fishing salmon with downriggers.

The opportunity to catch a Brown Trout while charter fishing in Traverse City lasts the whole season. I tell customers we are always fishing for Brown Trout. We target Brown Trout from the beginning of May until the end of June. This is the time we are fishing the shallow waters of West Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City. That is where the best concentration of fish are but you never know when they are going to bite! For example, on a fishing charter in mid-July, we were fishing in 50 feet of water for Lake Trout and in the process of catching Lake Trout we caught 3 gorgeous Brown Trout!

Call us at Storm Hawk Sport Fishing to go chase after these beautiful Brown Trout while Charter Fishing Traverse City! With a little luck, you may be the lucky one! 

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