Coho Salmon Fishing Charters Traverse City

Coho Salmon Fishing Charters Traverse City

Coho Salmon 

The Coho Salmon is the smaller of the salmonids that we target. They were planted into Lake Michigan to help with the over abundant baitfish population. There were literally thousands of pounds of dead minnows getting washed up on the lake shore in the 1960’s. What better way to help get rid of one problem? Create another a fishing problem that is! When the Coho came to the river mouths for their first spawn it was known as Coho disease. People were risking their lives to chase after these furious fish!

Some years are better than others for catching Coho Salmon during fishing charters in Traverse City. A lot of our success with the Coho depends on the weather. The Coho Salmon come in numbers, meaning they aren’t here one day and tomorrow there are literally thousands. If a big wave of Coho Salmon show up they may run up the river by the following day due to a heavy North wind. They can be a finicky fish, but they sure are fun!

Your best shot at enjoying a Coho Salmon fishing charters in Traverse City is late August until Mid September.

Give us a call at Storm Hawk Sport Fishing to chase after the mighty Coho Salmon!

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