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Fish Species

Chinook Salmon “King”

The King Salmon is one of the prized fish in the lakes. With a short life span, of only four years, they have no time to waste. They grow at an incredible rate which means a lot of eating. There is no mistaking it when we hook one of these fish. They are a blast! They were planted into Lake Michigan in 1967 to help regulate the growing baitfish population. The state record King Salmon weighed in at just over 46 pounds. Its common for a fourth year king salmon to average 15-20 pounds. We catch these great fish throughout our season, in all of our ports. Frankfort is a great King Salmon port with waves of Salmon coming in and out from May to October. Leland is also a great place to target these fish July to the end of September. Traverse City is a fantastic place for the King Salmon about August through the end of September.

Coho Salmon

The Coho are the smaller of the salmon species in the lake. We catch the occasional Coho in all of our ports. Later in the summer the odds of hooking a Coho gets better. Mid August we catch our best numbers in Frankfort, Platte Bay, and Leland.

Lake Trout

Lake Trout are one of my personal favorite fish to chase all year long! With plentiful numbers and great eating, these are a blast for everyone to catch. We catch the Lake Trout all season long and most Lake Trout trips bring in good numbers. With the state record coming in at an astonishing 61.5 pounds these fish get big! The average trout we catch is 2-6 pounds but we catch numerous fish throughout the season tipping the scales at 15 to 20 pounds! Lake Trout are an action packed adventure from April to the end of September. Highly recommend by Captain Brady, this trip is great for everyone!


The Steelhead are an offshore, line peeling, high flying fish! We have a blast chasing after them. We only target them out of Frankfort and Leland during certain times of the year but do get the occasional Steelhead when targeting other species in all of our ports. Our favorite time to chase them is around the Fourth of July. It takes a few different variables for a successful trip but it’s a great time! The state record Steelhead is 26.5 pounds. We catch them mainly in the 10 pound range but the possibility is always there.

Brown Trout

The Brown Trout are mainly a early season fishery, targeted out of Frankfort. They are a lot of fun to fish for. Fishing in 5-30 feet of water, stealthy techniques are what helps fill the coolers for these beautiful, great eating fish. The World Class Record Brown Trout, caught on 10 pound line, was caught out of Frankfort just a few years ago. It weighed in at just over 36 pounds! We have our best Brown Trout fishing from April to late May.

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