Fishing Charters Traverse City

Fishing Charters Traverse CityWhy Fishing Charters in Traverse City with Storm Hawk Sport Fishing?
Fishing Charters Traverse City on the “Storm Hawk” is a great option for everyone. You will not find another boat in Northern Michigan that offers Fishing Charters that has better equipment or tackle.

What to Expect when Fishing Charters in Traverse City
Fishing Charters Traverse City can be an exhilarating experience. The excitement starts on the boat ride to the fishing grounds and continues with the line peeling run from Trout and Salmon, who call Traverse City home. Fishing Charters Traverse City is a fantastic activity for all. Families and the most seasoned of anglers enjoy fishing with Storm Hawk Sport Fishing. While Fishing Charters Traverse City you can expect to catch fish and lots of them! It is not uncommon to catch your limit of fish!

What can you expect from a day of Fishing Charters in Traverse City?
You can experience the raw beauty Northern Michigan has to offer from the water. Fishing the fish plentiful waters of the West Grand Traverse Bay is an unforgettable experience for everyone, family vacation and guys weekends, included.

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Weather while Fishing Charters in Traverse City?
The weather can change in minutes while Fishing Charters Traverse City – it’s part of the fun! Generally, Captain Brady will be able to tell you the appropriate clothing options for your outing. If you are unsure just ask the day before your Fishing Charters and he is usually spot on about the conditions while aboard the charter boat.

Benefits of choosing to go Fishing Charters in Traverse City?
One of the best things about choosing to go Fishing Charters Traverse City is the protection we get from the land masses around West Grand Traverse Bay. With the Leelanau Peninsula on the West side, Traverse city to the South, and Ole Mission peninsula to the East – we are protected! With lots of fish to catch and calm waters, what’s not to love about going Fishing Charters Traverse City?

When to go Fishing Charters in Traverse City?
Fishing Charters Traverse City has numerous options – from early May thru the end of September. We do everything from fishing the shallows for Brown Trout, Steelhead, and Lake Trout to fishing the deep waters. Then when the Salmon run starts in late July our fishing starts to focus on the King of the Lake – while keeping our eyes on the all the other fish that reside in West Grand Traverse Bay.

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