Lake Trout Charter Fishing Traverse City

Lake Trout Fishing Charter Traverse City

Lake Trout

Traverse City is a great place for Lake Trout fishing, the Lake Trout are a Great Lakes native! Unlike the other species we target, the Lake Trout have always been here! With strong efforts from the Michigan DNR, we are ensured great Lake Trout Fishing for years to come. Lake Trout charter fishing in Traverse City is a great choice for all levels of fisher-people. Lake Trout are one of my personal favorite fish to chase all year long! With plentiful numbers and great eating, these are a blast for everyone to catch. We catch the Lake Trout all season long and most Lake Trout trips bring in good numbers. With the state record coming in at an astonishing 61.5 pounds, these fish get big! However, that is the exception, not the rule. The Lake Trout we catch while charter fishing Traverse City are closer to a 5-pound average. Most trips we do see some bigger trout pushing 10 pounds, with an occasional giant 20-pound trout!

Lake Trout can give us an action-packed adventure from May to the end of September.  Highly recommend by Captain Brady, this trip is great for everyone!

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