Storm Hawk Sport Fishing

The “Storm Hawk” is a premier charter boat in the Traverse City area. With a great reputation of bringing in coolers of fish daily, it’s not a secret on why we have customers coming back each summer to experience the thrill of Charter Fishing in Traverse City. Traverse City is a great place to fish all year round. With plentiful populations of King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Lake Trout, Steelhead, Brown trout and Cisco, the species we target depends on the season of your charter. But catching a few different species on any day is not untypical, matter of fact it happens often! Fishing with the best equipment possible we give you the opportune opportunity to catch a bunch of fish.

Fishing Traverse City waters provides a unique and safe experience. With protection from the Leelanau Peninsula to the West, Old Mission Peninsula to the East and Down Town Traverse City to the South, we can generally find nice calm water as we fish! The waters of Traverse City offer a lot of structure which in turn attracts the bait fish, who bring in the predator fish. The Boardman River runs through down town Traverse City which runs into West Grand Traverse Bay. The DNR plant Salmon, and Trout annually in the Boardman river which makes charter fishing in Traverse City a great choice!

Kids are more than welcomed on the boat. We enjoy nothing more than getting the little ones hooked for life! We look forward to showing you the “Storm Hawk” difference!


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