2016 Traverse City Salmon Classic

Well it sure was a fun weekend! After day 1 we sat in 4th place which is a great place to be in a tournament going into day 2.We had a few mistakes which cost us nice size fish behind the boat day 1. So I figured if we could land those bites day 2 we would have a great shot to be in the drivers seat to possibly win the tournament. Unfortunately day 2 was not our day, it was a extremely tough bite. We only managed to put 1 small King Salmon in the boat. We went trout fishing mid way through the morning lost 5 consecutive trout which I knew that was a bad omen. We managed to catch two trout that were too big to keep due to the slot limit and only land two trout we could keep. We didn’t even manage to land the tournament limit! All I can say is it happens, still had a fun time through the course of the weekend. Still managed to land inside the top ten for the tournament some how! Great fun thanks to Steveo for putting it on!! Also congrats to my good friend Captain Adam on the Mega Bite on the win! 

2016 Traverse City Salmon Classic-Storm Hawk Sport Fishing

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