May Charter Fishing Traverse City

May Charter Fishing Traverse City:

May is a terrific month to get out in Traverse City to enjoy a charter fishing trip! There are a lot of reasons why to come out and try your luck in May, and I will tell you a few reasons why! The fish have not seen any lures in MONTHS since late September they have been able to forget all about us fisherman, and fisherwomen. It can be a diverse fishery depending on the spring and temps, fish can be caught in 5 feet of water all the way out to 150+ which makes every outing exciting! The opportunity to catch multiple species May is probably the best month of the year to have a chance to catch a Brown Trout, Steelhead, and Lake Trout all in one trip. Come on out and experience the fun of a May Charter Fishing experience in Traverse City! 

Traverse City Fishing Trip Sunrise

Sunrise over Elmwood Marina

Captain Brady Anderson
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