Traverse City Trout Tournament

Traverse City Trout Tournament: 

Well we had the annual TC trout tournament over the weekend. It was a different feel with a new format catch 8 and you are done fishing layout. I think everyone involved had a great time! We were fortunate to get the right bites and pulled out a win! The win was close however we weighed in 37.85 pounds on our 4 biggest Lake Trout, the second place boat brought in 37.50! It always seems in these tournaments it is super close. We as usual make tournaments fun and laid back as possible. What good fun is it if you are stressed the whole time? I feel that is a huge key to success on the water day in day out. Go out and enjoy your time on the water and things can fall into place with a positive attitude!

Traverse City Trout Tournament

TC Trout “Covid” Calcutta Tournament Champs

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